Our Cases & Patient Stories

Comforting Dental Care Brings Big Smiles

Dr. Greg Glavan brings smiles to life. In the stress-free, homey setting of Crow River Dental, his patients even say going to their favorite Delano MN dentist is fun! Dentist reviews praise his state-of-the-art procedures for adults as well as dentistry for children. Dr. Glavan is especially well known for providing dentistry for children with special needs or other life situations requiring a delicate touch and a comforting approach.

Patients Come for Miles

From routine exams to cosmetic procedures, even root canals or oral surgery, the skill and compassion of Dr. Glavan and his staff are recommended by patients of all ages. Dentist reviews even include a testimonial from a patient who moved to the East Coast. Although he’s several states away, when business brings him back to the Delano area, he still keeps his dental appointments at Crow River Dental!

Smile Makeovers Are True Success Stories

In addition to dentist reviews, what better way to showcase Dr. Glavan’s superior dentistry for children and adults than Smile Makeovers? Click on the photos for true stories of specific ways Dr. Glavan has treated patients to bring their smiles back to life. If you are looking for a Delano MN dentist, stories and smiles from folks just like you should convince you to make an appointment at Crow River Dental. See what a difference a Smile Makeover can make for you!

PATIENT STORIESGracemarySmile by Dr. Glavan
Gracemary previously wore an upper partial denture, which needed repeated repair due to the bite relationship of her canted and mobile anterior teeth. She needed a full-mouth reconstruction to upright the canted teeth. The procedure included one seven-unit bridge, which served to stabilize the mobile teeth; two separate three-unit bridges, and three teeth requiring root canal therapy. Now her satisfaction with the results—and her smile—light up a room!
PATIENT STORIESWadeSmile by Dr. Glavan
Wade had a previous root canal in his left front central incisor that was failing and mobility of his out-of-position left lateral incisor was due to an impacted upper left canine. All of these teeth were extracted and an implant-supported bridge was fabricated with crowns on the right side to match. Now this patient’s mouth has what are called “golden proportions.” Wouldn’t you agree?
PATIENT STORIESMikeSmile by Dr. Glavan
Due to his dental needs, Mike hadn’t smiled in quite awhile. In some cases, it was due to poorly completed dentistry—in others, work that should have been done, but had been neglected. After having a full-mouth reconstruction, he’s gaining confidence in his smile and the results were definitely worth waiting for!
PATIENT STORIESMikeSmile by Dr. Glavan
Mike suffered from collapsed vertical dimension due to severe attrition of his upper and lower teeth, which were worn down to little nubs and encroaching on the pulp. Full-mouth reconstruction was completed to halt the damaging attrition and restore the patient’s vertical dimension to normal—creating a more youthful appearance.
PATIENT STORIESPangSmile by Dr. Glavan
This patient had a rare condition called oligodontia, where many of her anterior permanent teeth were congenitally missing. In order to correct this, the failing primary teeth were extracted and a seven-unit porcelain bridge was constructed to replace the missing permanent teeth. As you can see, she is very happy with the results and her new smile!
PATIENT STORIESIkuyoSmile by Dr. Glavan
Ikuyo was not happy with the symmetry of her smile line. To bring to life the pretty smile she wanted, her full-mouth reconstruction included one three-unit, implant-supported bridge and two single-tooth implants. She’s sure happy now!
PATIENT STORIESGretchenSmile by Dr. Glavan
Gretchen needed to have her anterior bridge replaced. Her left central incisor was missing due to an accident and the bridge she had previously been fitted for was undersized. In order to re-create her former, pre-accident appearance, an old photo was used as the model to follow in creating her new look. Beautiful!
PATIENT STORIESDeborahSmile by Dr. Glavan
Deborah visited the clinic after her jacket’s zipper cracked the porcelain veneer on her upper left front tooth, causing the cracked portion of the veneer to fall off. It was temporarily repaired with composite—a tooth-colored, filling material—which made her front tooth appear elongated, due to recession of her gum tissue. Click here to read more.