At Crow River Dental, we promise to treat you with courtesy, respect, and professionalism, even if we are a little laid back, and dare we say, fun.

After over nearly 30 years of dental practice, Dr. Glavan knows no one doctor can be all things to all patients. Like the old adage states, “If you like something, tell others. If you don’t, tell us.” Communication is key. Satisfaction is our goal. Dr. Glavan does not know if you are having a problem unless you tell him!

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Dr. Gregory S. Glavan, DDS and Crow River Dental, PA (collectively called “Crow River Dental”) hold your satisfaction as our top priority. If at any time during your communication with our staff, your treatment by our dental professionals, or any service follow-up you have a question, issue or concern, we want to do everything possible to answer your questions or address your issues and concerns.

We also take pride in Crow River Dental’s reputation for excellence and our great standing in the community, and we are committed to earning this positive reputation and maintaining that standard each and every day. As we agree to work as hard as we can to meet your satisfaction, you agree to report any question, issue or concern you have related in any way to the care we have provided to our Office Manager at (763) 276-1410 or at You further agree to the following process (“Patient Satisfaction Procedures”) prior to any disclosure to third parties.

First, you agree to provide Crow River Dental 30 days from the time you provide notice of your concern to our Office Manager. Second, you agree to share concerns or complaints about Crow River Dental with the Office Manager prior to posting them on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, Google, Snapchat and other blogs. Third, Crow River Dental is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. In the event we are unable to resolve a matter to your satisfaction within 30 days as described above, you agree to submit your concern to the Better Business Bureau for a determination regarding your concern. Fourth, if you believe your concern remains inadequately addressed after these time periods and processes, you agree to provide Crow River Dental with a written copy of any communication you plan to disseminate regarding any unresolved issue prior to doing so. You also authorize the Clinic to verify the source of any such communication from you to ensure concerns and issues are accurately and properly reported to allow us to address and resolve such or similar matters in the future. You further agree that a failure to follow the above policy may entitle Crow River Dental to equitable relief. Finally, you acknowledge that you have had an opportunity to review this agreement before you sign it. This agreement shall be valid and enforceable for five years from Crow River Dental’s last date of service to you. Crow River Dental reserves the right to modify this or any of the policies below without notice.

The doctors at Crow River Dental want you to know that they stand by their work. Our personal philosophy is not to have anything in the patient’s mouth we would not be proud to have in our own. Therefore, for a period of one year from completion, we will replace, restore, repair or remedy lost fillings, crowns, and the like at no charge to the patient during this period…the only cost to the patient will be time in the chair. This does not extend to neglect by the patient resulting in further problems, trauma from accidents, errors in patient judgment from trying to use their teeth in manner other than which nature intended (such as a bottle opener, nail clipper or cutting device) or disappointment in aesthetic restorations after agreement has been reached between doctor and patient concerning shade and contour on chairside consultation with a dental laboratory aesthetician prior to cementation. This presupposes two things. First, that the patient communicate with us about the issue and two, the patient agree to give us an opportunity to make it right. This does not extend to work provided by another dental provider.

In addition, Crow River Dental has a very good, long-standing relationship with its dental laboratory. Fixed prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, implants and the like) are warranted by the laboratory against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years. However, this warranty is pro-rated: that is, 100% replacement coverage after 1 year, 80% replacement coverage after two years, and so on.

Sometimes patients will present to the clinic expecting treatment that is unreasonable, not recommended or even detrimental to the patient’s long term oral health. In the event that a patient disagrees with a diagnosis or treatment recommendation received at Crow River Dental, we encourage the patient to seek a second opinion. Understand that you will still be charged for your exam, diagnostic work-up and necessary x-rays. These x-rays may be transferred to the dentist of your choice.

We strive to see emergencies within 24 hours. However, Crow River Dental has a strict policy as to what constitutes a dental emergency. Trauma, swelling (especially that which has the ability to constrict the airway), and intractable pain (pain which medication cannot control) are true emergencies. Broken teeth, lost fillings and denture sores, while annoying, are not considered true emergencies. Emergencies are worked in to the schedule at the earliest available appointment times; requests for specific appointments are not emergent in nature. We apologize and ask for the understanding of our patients when their appointment times may be infringed by these emergency situations. Understand, at some point, it may be you in the chair next door. If you are a new patient with an emergency, however, we will not prescribe medications for you without us first diagnosing your problem or obtaining a comprehensive medical history.

Our desire at Crow River Dental is to provide you with the best treatment possible within the scope of our abilities. All dentists strive to keep their patients’ best care in mind. Rarely, your dental treatment may be beyond the scope of our ability to perform adequate care, and you may be referred to a specialist. We understand specialist fees are more expensive, may not be covered by insurance, or may necessitate long-distance travel to receive necessary care. We do not make these referrals lightly. It is the patient’s responsibility to follow-through with recommended referrals and follow-up care. Crow River Dental cannot be held responsible for unwanted or undesired outcomes should the patient not follow-through with a recommended referral or treatment from a specialist.

Dental hopping is the practice of patients flip-flopping back and forth between two or more different dental providers. It is different from requesting a second opinion or requesting to have your records transferred to or from another office. A dental office is not a muffler shop: you cannot “drive in” and expect a service to be performed. It is a health care facility which requires diagnosis and treatment planning, established records and a comprehensive medical history. All dentists in the state of Minnesota are required by statute to render their own diagnosis and treatment recommendations. When you establish records at Crow River Dental, you are asking us to oversee your comprehensive dental needs and, when necessary, provide you with a referral for specialty-level care. We want to provide the best overall dental care for our patients and believe that patients are best served when there is continuity of care, whether it is from us or by a different provider.  Dental hopping however is different and breaks continuity of care and is extremely difficult for all dental professionals involved: it wastes valuable time and resources causing each doctor to try and interpret the others treatment plan, while potentially creating confusion for the patient.  In the event a patient is found to be dental hopping, they will be asked to choose which clinic they wish to provide their comprehensive care: one or the other, but not both. At Crow River Dental, it is our policy not to accept dental hopping.

The staff at Crow River Dental does provide charitable dental services from time to time. Typically, this treatment is provided on a once-yearly basis on a day of our choosing. To qualify for charitable dental services, you must be a patient of record, have dental needs you cannot otherwise afford, lack insurance and not otherwise qualify for Medical Assistance. Patients are typically scheduled for one hour appointments, and we will strive to complete as much work as possible during that time; there is no assurance that all necessary dental treatment will be completed. These appointments are not advertised. In order to be fair and accommodate as many patients in need as possible, charitable services are provided to patients on a one-time only basis: once selected, you will not be eligible to receive charitable services a second time. If you would like to be placed on our list of patients who qualify for charitable services, please inquire with the front desk staff. We will be discreet.